''In & Out'' made movie news the week of September 26, 1997

What’s the difference between Tom Selleck’s In & Out gossip hound and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd? Not much, if you ask Selleck. He’s angered over Dowd’s Aug. 20 essay, ”Magnum, G.O.P.,” which quotes an unnamed source who says that Selleck is considering a run for a California senate seat. ”It’s complete fiction,” says the actor. ”But because of the Times‘ reputation, it took on credibility.” Convinced that he ”can’t unring this bell,” Selleck has resigned as national spokesperson for the Character Counts! Coalition, a nonpartisan group that promotes ethical values for kids. ”[The organization] says things like it’s wrong to lie — real controversial stuff,” explains Selleck. ”But if you talk about values, you better not appear to have any political agenda, or you’re dead.”

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