Third Eye Blind, Wu-Tang Clan, and Lilith Fair made news the week of September 19, 1997

FULLY CHARMED (SHELF) LIFE Third Eye Blind’s ubiquitous ”Semi-Charmed Life” (everybody sing: ”Doo-doo-doo/doo-doo-doo-doo”) has clearly struck a chord with Tinseltown types. The song pops up in current trailers for the films She’s So Lovely and Excess Baggage, and is also featured in the movie Contact. ”The studios all approached us and said, ‘We love the song, it’s great, it’s catchy, we want it,”’ says Camille Hackney, senior director of marketing and business development for Elektra Records. TEB singer Stephan Jenkins, who wrote ”Life,” admits to getting a perverse thrill out of all the Hollywood hoopla: ”This is a song about snorting speed and [oral sex]. That it’s being embraced by movies is just hilarious to me.”

TROUBLE FOLLOWS WU Are the Wu-Tang Clan taking this kung fu thing too far? Police are investigating a report by Loud Records employee Jessiah Styles that he was beaten by four members of the Clan (who record for Loud) following the group’s Aug. 29 concert at the New World Music Theatre in Chicago. Police say Styles sustained head and hand injuries but refused medical attention. ”We are currently in contact with [the Wu-Tang Clan’s] attorney and are attempting to set up an interview with them,” says investigator Steve Vaccaro of the Tinsley Park police. Following the incident, the group announced its departure from its tour with Rage Against the Machine. Loud Records declined to comment.

LILITH UNFAIR? In interviews this summer, Sarah McLachlan said she was considering inviting men — among them Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, Daniel Lanois, and Ron Sexsmith — to join the assorted quiet and riot grrrls at next year’s Lilith Fair. Now, exercising her women’s prerogative, the Canadian songstress has decided to exclude male artists from the fem-fest. ”After thinking about it and talking to people, Sarah felt she should keep [the festival] all women,” says Lilith booking agent Marty Diamond. ”There are a lot of female artists that couldn’t participate this year that we would love to to work with.” Among the possibilities for Lilith 2: Garbage, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Erykah Badu, and Sinead O’Connor. Expect a live double CD documenting this summer’s Lilith Fair to hit stores next spring.