Garth Brooks and Suzanne Somers made news the week of September 19, 1997

COUNTRY TIME? Is Garth Brooks joining the ranks of celeb authors? Industry sources say William Morris VP Mel Berger invited at least two publishers to a recent meeting to discuss a book project with the country-music star, who failed to show. This wouldn’t be the first time Brooks has thought twice about writing a book. Several years ago, he all but agreed to tell his story for Random House, then decided the time wasn’t right. Berger didn’t return calls. Brooks’ spokesman, Scott Stem, said he is unaware of any book project.

FALL ALL OVER: Seems the whole three’s-company theory really stuck with Suzanne Somers. The Thighmistress, who last year penned Eat Great, Lose Weight for Crown, has added another book and several hundred thou to what was previously a two-tome, near-seven-figure deal with the company. Editor Sue Carswell says the new book, After the Fall, will expand upon Somers’ 1987 memoir Keeping Secrets. It’ll focus on her reasons for leaving Company, her recent entrepreneurial success, and her experiences with ”blended families” — both in real life and on her current show, Step by Step. No word on whether it’ll explain how she can be a grandmother and still look like that.