Quotes found online this week from Kevin Sorbo, Peter Fonda, Pamela Lee, and more

”I know nothing about martial arts. I just fake it in a believable manner. Any black belt out there can kick my ass!”
Kull the Conqueror‘s KEVIN SORBO on Universal Studio Chat

”Looking back… my father Henry [Fonda] was a stern, reluctant, recalcitrant, nonverbal parent. Most of what people think of my father in the world is what they have gleaned from his movies. But this was not the case at the dining-room table. The part of Ulee Jackson in Ulee’s Gold reminded me very much of the way my father treated me and my sister, Jane, with long, dark silences and unanswered questions.”
Ulee’s Gold‘s PETER FONDA on America Online

”You’d have to ask [David Hasselhoff if his ‘breasts’ are real]. I don’t know, I’ve never felt them! If he has natural breasts, though, they’re probably the only ones on the show!”
Former Baywatch babe PAMELA LEE on Prodigy

”I was very lucky because I was understudying in a play in New York when Oliver Stone was in the house and casting [Platoon] — and I, by chance, went on that night. So I was very lucky.”
Intensity‘s JOHN C. McGINLEY on AOL

”I think [Kathie Lee Gifford] has dealt very well with the media. She hasn’t complained, and she hasn’t explained…. This has been the summer of infidelity….”
The View‘s BARBARA WALTERS on Prodigy

”I was the classic funny nightmare kid. I think what happens is, the classroom is very much…like a comedy club. The teacher stands up at the front, and you grow to realize that she’s not funny at all. And if there’s going to be any good laughs in the room, they have to come from you.”
Nothing to Lose writer-director STEVE OEDEKERK on NBC Live at Yahoo! Chat