Greg Louganis’ coming-out saga, Breaking the Surface (1997), hits video shelves Sept. 22, but affecting as it is, 1961’s Victim, which gets a rerelease this week, makes the bigger splash. One of the first movies to present homosexuality with empathy, Victim is both a crackling thriller about a blackmail ring that preys on gays and an impassioned indictment of Britain’s antihomosexual laws, since abolished. At its core is the terrific performance by Dirk Bogarde (above) as a married barrister who’s morally compelled to help the police track down the blackmailers, even if it destroys his career, and in the process faces his feelings for another man. While some may be put off by talk of ”abnormalities,” the inner struggle depicted so poignantly in Victim has not dated at all. A-