Fleetwood Mac and Elvis Costello made news this week

MAC ATTACK: Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood hasn’t stopped believing in yesterday. With The Dance at the top of the charts and the Mac’s fall reunion tour imminent, the lanky drummer is busy producing a Rumours tribute album. Among those who will help reprise tracks from FM’s 1977 milestone: Jewel (”You Make Loving Fun”), the Cranberries (”Go Your Own Way”), matchbox 20 (”Never Going Back Again”), Tonic (”Second Hand News”), and Goo Goo Dolls (”I Don’t Want to Know”). The CD will be released next year on Fleetwood Music/Lava/Atlantic. Carl Stubner, the album’s coexecutive producer, says: ”The artists were all picked by Mick as representative of the best of a new generation.” Now, there’s a nasty rumor.

POP STRIFE: It’s unlikely that The Artist Whom Most People Still Call Prince will be doing lunch with Elvis Costello anytime soon. Reportedly, Costello cut a highly eccentric version of Prince’s ”Pop Life” some time ago and sent it to The Artist for his approval; after hearing it, Prince turned a deeper shade of purple and forbade its release. Costello responded by recording a new song, ”The Bridge I Burned.” Interested parties can judge the extent of the conflagration on Oct. 21, when ”Bridge” is released as a bonus track on Costello’s Extreme Honey: The Very Best of the Warner Bros. Years. Fellas, can’t we all just get along?