Robert Downey, Jr. made movie news the week of September 12, 1997

Christian Slater, there is hope. After much-publicized drug problems and arrests, Robert Downey Jr. is having no trouble finding work. This fall he will appear in three resume-enhancing projects: The Gingerbread Man, a John Grisham-scripted thriller made post rehab; the pre-rehab Hugo Pool, a comedy directed by Downey’s father; and the pre-rehab Mike Figgis drama One Night Stand with Wesley Snipes. Next year he’ll pop up in In Dreams, a psychodrama directed by Neil Jordan, and in the raunchy romantic comedy Two Girls and a Guy. He’s now shooting U.S. Marshals, the sequel to The Fugitive, with Tommy Lee Jones. But while Hollywood seems to have forgiven his transgressions, they haven’t been forgotten. The 32-year-old actor’s probation requires him to submit to random drug tests for the next two years. Still, says Downey’s spokesman, ”he’s enjoying himself tremendously. He loves working.”

FURTHERMORE MGM is planning an update of The Idolmaker — the 1980 film, starring Peter Gallagher and Ray Sharkey, that fictionalized the life of rock impresario Bob Marcucci. The new version will be written by Gary Lennon (Drunks), and Kenneth ”Babyface” Edmonds (a producer on the movie) is expected to put together the soundtrack of R&B, rap, and alternative rock…. Finally: They make an odd couple, but actor Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy) and director John Waters (Pink Flamingoes, Serial Mom) will share the stage this month at France’s Deauville Film Festival; both are being hon- ored with retrospectives of their work.