Kathy Najimy and Wayne Knight are among the stars playing multiple roles on television

Could there be a labor shortage in Hollywood? Seems a growing number of actors are doing double duty, popping up on more than one show. Among the moonlighters: Kathy Najimy plays Peggy on King of the Hill and Olive on Veronica’s Closet. Wayne Knight irritates as a postman and a cop in Seinfeld and 3rd Rock From the Sun. Wallace Langham appears as the neurotic head writer on The Larry Sanders Show and a might-be-gay assistant on Veronica’s Closet. Michael Boatman has clocked time on Spin City and HBO’s Arli$$. With that in mind, we dreamed up some crossovers we’d like to see:

Since Beverly Hills, 90210‘s 33-year-old Ian Ziering is so good at playing younger characters, he lands the role as the new baby on Mad About You.

David Duchovny becomes a regular on wife Tea Leoni’s sitcom, The Naked Truth. He plays a federal agent investigating the strange disappearance of last season’s cast members.

The newest vampire on Buffy? Melrose Place‘s Andrew Shue, who has shown a real aptitude for sucking.

Jonathan Katz (he of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist) gets some patients even more troubled than stand-ups — he’s the new prison shrink on Oz. Sample couch comment: ”I’ll show you what the music means, bitch!”

Swerve-happy driver Tim Allen apparently spent his summer researching a role on Men Behaving Badly. He gets the part of Rob Schneider’s older brother.

To show them the true meaning of misery, Millennium‘s perennially somber Lance Henriksen appears on Unhappily Ever After.

And (extending the definition of actor), ABC Entertainment prez Jamie Tarses joins Friends as Chandler’s new love interest. Oops, maybe that’s a little too close to home.