Oasis made headlines this week

You’d think that having just released the fastest-selling album in British history might have mellowed Oasis’ infamously prickly leader, guitarist Noel Gallagher, just a little. But even though Be Here Now is setting records and debuted in the U.S. last week at No. 2, the elder Gallagher (brother Liam is the band’s lead singer) is as irascible as ever. Take his opinion of rock festivals: ”We don’t like playing traveling circus-type things like Lollapalooza because you always get f—ing [jerks] like Courtney Love on the bill.” Or his view of Alanis Morissette: ”She needs a good kicking. I find her annoying, the same as that Bjork and Sinead O’Connor.” Of course, Chairman Noel is an equal-opportunity ranter: ”I joined Oasis because [I thought] they were all right. They were s— really. Sometimes I think it was the biggest mistake I ever f—ing made.” Still, he notes: ”We don’t go out of our way to upset people. We speak our minds, you know what I mean?” Clearly.