Quotes found online this week from Marilu Henner, Stephen Root, Mira Sorvino, and more

”If you ever see a Taxi show where [Christopher Lloyd] gets his driver’s license, notice how I’m literally digging a pencil into my hand. Another [episode] called ‘Shut It Down, Pt. 2’ — where Danny [DeVito] takes me on a date — to avoid laughing when he said stallion, I purposefully slept with painful boots on the night before so I would give myself a stomachache the next day. Believe me, I had to go to great pains not to crack up on Taxi.”
Taxi alum MARILU HENNER, currently Roxie Hart in Broadway’s Chicago, on America Online

”I’ve long been a Beatles freak because that’s my gen- eration. I’m 45, and that’s what I grew up with. The British invasion stuff…. I’m not really thrilled with gloom-and-doom stuff that’s coming out now. It’s like, ‘Go kill yourself.”’

”[Quentin Tarantino] is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. Quentin always blows me away with his mind. He’s absolutely f—ing brilliant. He is so creative, and I envy that. My mind is so analytical. I’m quieter than Quentin — of course, there aren’t too many people who aren’t quieter than Quentin. I’m pretty gregarious, though I’m just not as boisterous as he is.”
Mimic‘s MIRA SORVINO, a Harvard grad, discoursing on her squeeze, on E! Online

”My favorite show is Little House on the Prairie — says my wife [Melissa Gilbert] from the other side of the room, giggling.”
Babylon 5‘s BRUCE BOXLEITNER on Prodigy

”I’m from New Orleans, where everybody flirts. That’s the first thing your mother teaches you. ‘They can look, but they can’t touch!’ That was the basis of [my television persona], a major flirt — but in a harmless way. You know when to stop flirting when you have too much jewelry….Therefore you never stop flirting!”
USA Up All Night hostess RHONDA SHEAR on Prodigy