All Over but the Shoutin'

All Over But The Shoutin’ is a great book: a poem disguised as a memoir, a gift from a son to his mother, a primer on reporting. Nominally it is the first-person story of how Rick Bragg, a New York Times national correspondent, went from his poverty-stricken beginnings in Alabama to a Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. Bragg began his career at small papers in Alabama and Florida before being snatched up by the Times, which recognized in him what is apparent on every page of this book: an extraordinary talent for conveying a story through the details, a flair for the unexpected metaphor, and a compassion for his subjects. There are faults here, to be sure — for a man who sees so clearly into the souls of others, Bragg tends to leave his own alone — but the quibbles are minor when compared with the overall joy of reading his words. Language at its loveliest. A

All Over but the Shoutin'
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