See if you can match the bands with their songs about other stars

In the beginning, a song had simple parameters. If you were a pop star, you wrote about love, dancing, and cars. Then stars became obsessed with other stars, and a weird new form developed: songs about celebrities. The past year has produced a slew of such self-reflexive odes — Local H’s ”Eddie Vedder,” Nerf Herder’s ”Van Halen,” and Super Deluxe’s ”Farrah Fawcett.” But whether they’re meant to be snide or sincere, these musical tributes now amount to a long, strange tradition in pop. Try to match the performers on the left with the object of their affection (or scorn) on the right.


1. David Bowie
2. Weezer
3. The Replacements
4. Todd Rundgren
5. Cake
6. R.E.M.
7. Bob Dylan
8. Phish
9. Phranc
10. The Modern Lovers
11. Soundgarden
12. The Beach Boys
13. Juliana Hatfield
14. Young Fresh Fellows
15. Big Star


A. ”Lenny Bruce”
B. ”Johnny Carson”
C. ”Amy Grant”
D. ”Nirvana”
E. ”Buddy Holly”
F. ”Frank Sinatra”
G. ”Andy Warhol”
H. ”Lightnin’ Hopkins”
I. ”David Bowie”
J. ”Ty Cobb”
K. ”Wolfman Jack”
L. ”Jesus Christ”
M. ”Gertrude Stein”
N. ”Pablo Picasso”
O. ”Alex Chilton”

ANSWERS: 1-G, 2-E, 3-O, 4-K, 5-F, 6-H, 7-A, 8-I, 9-M, 10-N, 11-J, 12-B, 13-D, 14-C, 15-L