We ask celebrities what was the worst job they ever had

ANNABELLA SCIORRA ”Teaching aerobics on the Upper East Side. It seemed like everyone in my class was anorexic. They had absolutely no energy. Every class, you would always have somebody literally passing out.”

ROB SCHNEIDER ”Rat-proofing houses. That’s where you go underneath the house, where there’s only 2 1/2 feet to work in, then spray cement. You’re under there for two weeks. I got paid under the table five bucks an hour. It was ridiculous.”

ANTHONY LAPAGLIA ”Once I had to cut bananas for people auditioning for a cereal commercial. Then I had to hold the bucket while they spat it out.”

ROBIN WILLIAMS ”I was a mime in New York. Kids would try to kick you. But the scariest people were the rich older ladies. They’d be in these huge furs — I swear, they were wearing entire food chains — and they would very dryly say, ‘Get the f— away from me.’ I would get Vuitton bags in the face.”

BILLY CRYSTAL ”I was an usher at NYU in 1968. My duties were taking tickets, selling orange drinks, sweeping up, and cleaning the urinals. One night Walter Cronkite came in to see a show and I said, ‘I love your news.’ I was so stupid.”

JEWEL ”I did some ditchdigging, cow milking, waitressing, and secretary stuff. I sucked at all of them. The worst was when I had a job bucking hay bales.”

JENNIFER ANISTON ”I waitressed at the Jackson Hole diner in New York City. Let’s just say I wasn’t great. I would never get all the items right for any order.”

JON BON JOVI ”I swept floors at the Record Plant in New York City for 50 bucks a week. There were fringe benefits. Once I got to open a beer for David Bowie. And Bruce Springsteen must have felt sorry for me, because he had Little Steven buy me a turkey sandwich.”

FIONA APPLE ”I had to be a receptionist at school. I was doing the attendance, so I had to basically rat on everybody when they cut. I had kids bribing me right and left. It got easier when I started hating the kids and not caring about it.”

CHARLES DUTTON ”Working as a butcher in the Maryland State Penitentiary. You were cutting meat with cleavers, and all these inmates were trying to steal knives to cut people with. I was very glad I got fired.”

RAY LIOTTA ”I used to work in my dad’s automotive store stocking the racks with tires and oil. I hated the smell. No matter how many times you showered, you always stunk.”

BILL MURRAY ”I sold chestnuts outside a grocery store in Chicago. They made me stand in the parking lot in the freezing cold. But I was actually so obnoxious with the customers that the store gave me an inside job working at the deli, where a supervisor could watch me.”

JIM CARREY ”I worked at a tire-rim factory as a teenager. It was awful and monotonous. I wanted to scream.”

CHRIS TUCKER ”I used to clean Burger Kings with my father’s cleaning service. Once someone went to the bathroom on the floor and we had to clean it. Plus there was all those burgers and fries to sweep up. It was so gross.”