The actor is starring in both ''In the Company of Men'' and a commercial for Farberware

By Jessica Shaw
Updated September 05, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

Would you buy cookware from this man? In a bit of pop-culture synchronicity, Aaron Eckhart, currently receiving raves as Chad, the repellent, misogynist schemer in the art-house film In the Company of Men, is also smoothly pitching Farberware in a TV ad. The parallels are eerie: In Men, Chad bitterly recounts his ex-lover’s departure: ”Suzanne had just packed up the joint…. Left me a futon and my poster of American Gigolo.” The Farberware spot shows Eckhart in an empty house as a voice-over says: ”She took the golf videos. She took the recliner…but she overlooked the Farberware ‘Do It All’ Pan!” And she returns for that.

Ad agency Young & Rubicam, which created the spot, says it was shot months before the film’s release and any similarity is a coincidence. ”We were trying to get somebody with a brush of sensitivity but still a manly man,” shrugs Y&R account executive Carolyn Cawley — precisely the image Chad feigns in Men. ”Chad probably came about from the girl stealing my pan,” jokes Eckhart, who says he’s been verbally accosted by women due to Men. ”But I’m more like that [Farberware] guy, a typical ’90s sensitive man.” Wait, isn’t that something Chad would say?