Quotes found online this week from Sylvester Stallone, Alicia Silverstone, Dave Foley, and more

”I am out of action-[movie] hell! It’s really different the way you can work 10 times harder on an action film, but it’s never perceived as serious. The less physical stuff you do on a film like [Cop Land], the more you have to work internally. I’ve learned a lot on this movie about perception.”
Cop Land‘s SYLVESTER STALLONE on Rough Cut Online

”Success to me is not about how much money I make or how much attention I get. To me, I’m successful because I have five dogs, great friends, and because I’m generally a happy person.”
Excess Baggage‘s ALICIA SILVERSTONE on Glossy.com

”Of course, we would all agree that NewsRadio would be preferable if it was set in the Netherlands. But since setting the show in New York has required us to live in Los Angeles, my fear is that if we set the show in the Netherlands, I might have to move to Burma.”
NewsRadio‘s DAVE FOLEY on NBC Live at Yahoo! Chat

”I don’t get up in the morning and think, ‘Gee, I really want to scare someone today.’ Horror fiction is a publisher’s definition, not mine. I would prefer to say that I write imaginative fiction which sometimes investigates dark and disturbing material and sometimes…takes a lighter view of life.”
CLIVE BARKER, on the upcoming film adaptation of his book The Thief of Always, on America Online

”I love my clothes. I kind of dress that way in real life. I’m not as cosmic as people probably think I am, but I do love beautiful fabrics and beautifully made things, whether it’s a dress or a skirt or a set of drapes.”
Gypsy songstress STEVIE NICKS on E! Online

”Miss Piggy kept coming on to me to the point of distraction [during a guest stint on The Muppet Show]. I never knew she was such a slut.”