Keanu Reeves and Bill Paxton were among the celebrities who showed up at L.A.'s Universal City Walk for the event

If Jeopardy! can have a Teen Week, why can’t Hollywood? On Aug. 20, such stars as Keanu Reeves and Bill Paxton boogied down to L.A.’s Universal City Walk for the 10th-anniversary rerelease of that ’80s teen fave Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze — possibly still not fully recovered from two broken legs he suffered while filming Letters From a Killer — wasn’t quite up to tripping the light fantastic. (Although he did trip over a reporter’s foot.) His old Dancing partner, Jennifer Grey, meanwhile, owned up to feeling a bit nostalgic at seeing her old self on screen — understandable, given the notable change in her facial appearance over the last decade. (Grey has said she had a nose job.) ”Every minute, I couldn’t stop welling up,” the actress divulged after the screening. Charlize Theron, who took her parents, shared her own Dirty confession: ”My mom has memories of me watching this movie like 25,000 times.” Although a decade separates Dancing and Alicia Silverstone’s newest teen angster, Excess Baggage, which premiered five days later in Westwood, Silverstone’s friend Chris Farley offered an Excess-ive plot summary that could easily apply to Dancing: ”It starts out like ‘Get away from me, punk!’ but then they fall in love.” Yeah, but at any point does anyone ever say, ”Nobody puts Batgirl in the corner!”?

Dirty Dancing
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