The Odyssey

Now! For the first time in home-video history! Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, as you’ve never seen it before! And we do mean never! SEE…the brave Odysseus (Armand Assante) battle numerous foes armed with only three (3) facial expressions! MARVEL…at the skillful, literate translation of Homer’s complicated verse (”Athena?” asks Telemachus. ”Uh-huh!” she cheerfully replies)! GAPE…as the writers forget that Scylla and Charybdis are supposed to be on opposite sides of the same channel, thus rendering the entire scene pointless! CRINGE…at special effects so convincing that they almost appear to be actual Legos! YAWN…as you realize that at 165 minutes this overheated, ridiculous TV event is as long as The English Patient and as exciting as an English muffin. D+

The Odyssey
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