Good Luck

A paraplegic (Gregory Hines) and a blind ex-football star (Vincent D’Onofrio) enter a white-water race, just to prove they can do it in Good Luck. Yeah, it sounds drippy on paper. But as we wait for the feel-good formula to take hold, a funny thing happens: This quietly quirky movie turns genuinely uplifting. While following the basic itinerary of a road/buddy picture, it finds magic moments on offbeat side trips, including a hapless crabbing excursion and an ego-rehabbing night with a blackjack floozy. By the time of the big race, it truly doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. Launched in theaters last spring, this sleeper floated under the radar of most moviegoers (and critics). On video, it resurfaces as a sweet surprise. B+

Good Luck
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