''George of the Jungle'''s effect on kids made headlines this week

Watch out for that…concession stand? Moviegoers planning to see Disney’s comedy George of the Jungle might want to brace themselves — literally — as they’re liable to witness a curious phenomenon. ”It’s really strange,” says George producer Jordan Kerner. ”Kids come out of screenings, go to the theater lobby, and run into walls. On purpose. They do the George scream before their face hits the plaster.” Although no serious injuries have been reported (yet), more than one stunned parent has had to reach for the defibrillator. ”There’s this big round post in the middle of our lobby,” recounts John Amero, relief man- ager of Manhattan’s Crown Gotham Cinema, ”and one kid just ran right into it. His mother was most upset.” George himself — Brendan Fraser — has this warning: ”Those were stunt trees [in the movie]. George not hurt himself. George happy monkey. Kids, don’t do this at home.”

George of the Jungle
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