Quotes found online this week from Martin Sheen, Kari Wuhrer, Kenny Rogers, and more

”I don’t have a clue about the Internet. I’ve heard it referred to as the Information Highway, but I suspect there are a lot of casualties, a lot of breakdowns, and a lot of hitchhiking going on. Personally, I have very little interest in the Internet or computers. I fear that the advantage lies with the affluent and it leaves the poor in the Third World that much further behind.”
Spawn‘s MARTIN SHEEN on America Online

”I’ve worked with actors who give me less than the visual puppets they use for the dinosaurs or the snake in Anaconda, so faking it like I sometimes have to do is a piece of cake.”

”When I was with the First Edition, working in Las Vegas, Elvis worked in the main room and I was in the lounge. He used to slip in and see us perform, and I would do the same. It was a great thrill. He would introduce me from the stage as a friend. I’m not sure that was appropriate, but it was a thrill.”
— Country singer and roast-chicken magnate KENNY ROGERS on Prodigy

”It takes me about a year [to complete a book] as I write in longhand, and my books are exceptionally long. I can think of certain popular authors where you can fit three of their books into one of mine! It’s a lot of hard work but I love it!”
— JACKIE COLLINS, author of Vendetta: Lucky’s Revenge, on AOL

Men in Black is NOT a documentary. Please do NOT come to my house seeking information. But I am starting to think [aliens] do exist…because the summer in New York brings them out.”
Men in Black director BARRY SONNENFELD on AOL