Viewers all over the country had plenty to say about ''In the Company of Men''

By Steve Daly
Updated August 15, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

In the Company of Men

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Though it opened to stronger business in New York City than in six California burgs — which goes to show that mean movies play best on mean streets — viewers on both coasts (more than half of them women) had plenty to say about In the Company of Men:

GAYLE, 33, handbag product developer, Venice: ”The main guy was a sicko. I just kept thinking, Karma, karma, karma.”

ELAINE, 29, consultant, NYC: ”It was more antimale than it was misogynist. They were depicted as totally evil. No one is actually that evil.”

GREG, 25, real estate agent, Los Angeles: ”It’s exaggerated and unrealistic. I don’t know too many guys like Chad.”

ELIZABETH, 37, theater professor, NYC: ”I don’t think this is so shocking. Carnal Knowledge deals with the same issues and it’s actually a little more shocking.”

HEIDI, 33, waitress, West Hollywood: ”I’ve never met any [men] like that. Or maybe I have. That’s a scary thought.”

BRIAN, 30, film producer, NYC: ”I was shocked to see that the crowd was 50-60 percent women, because most of the women I know have left somewhat repulsed by it. But…it’s still more interesting to the average woman than, say, Liar Liar.”

— Additional reporting by Allison Gaines and Carrie Bell

In the Company of Men

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