Viewers all over the country had plenty to say about ''In the Company of Men''

In the Company of Men

Though it opened to stronger business in New York City than in six California burgs — which goes to show that mean movies play best on mean streets — viewers on both coasts (more than half of them women) had plenty to say about In the Company of Men:

GAYLE, 33, handbag product developer, Venice: ”The main guy was a sicko. I just kept thinking, Karma, karma, karma.”

ELAINE, 29, consultant, NYC: ”It was more antimale than it was misogynist. They were depicted as totally evil. No one is actually that evil.”

GREG, 25, real estate agent, Los Angeles: ”It’s exaggerated and unrealistic. I don’t know too many guys like Chad.”

ELIZABETH, 37, theater professor, NYC: ”I don’t think this is so shocking. Carnal Knowledge deals with the same issues and it’s actually a little more shocking.”

HEIDI, 33, waitress, West Hollywood: ”I’ve never met any [men] like that. Or maybe I have. That’s a scary thought.”

BRIAN, 30, film producer, NYC: ”I was shocked to see that the crowd was 50-60 percent women, because most of the women I know have left somewhat repulsed by it. But…it’s still more interesting to the average woman than, say, Liar Liar.”

— Additional reporting by Allison Gaines and Carrie Bell

In the Company of Men
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