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Thank you so much for the Hanson article (#389, July 25). I’m glad that a ”grown-up” magazine has recognized the talented trio. Their success is proof that age has nothing to do with creativity. Now the adults who shun young groups will see what they’re missing.
Knoxville, Tenn.

I was quite alarmed to find the sickeningly sweet Hanson brothers adorning your cover. It seems no one is free from their infectious charm. Being an Oklahoman, I know all too well of this abnormally normal ”trio of tykes from Tulsa.” Hanson’s overzealous promoters should heed the advice of its oldest member, Isaac: ”The last thing you want is overkill.”
Oklahoma City


Thank you for featuring Life With Louie as your ”Winner of the Week.” Life With Louie is a show that always puts forth a positive message without ever talking down to kids. I challenge any parent to tune in any Saturday morning and not become a fan.
Producer, Life With Louie
Glendale, Calif.


Pug lovers aren’t feeling pugnacious about the treatment the pug stars received during the filming of Men in Black. We certainly have no bones to pick with the producers of MiB as they scrupulously followed American Humane Association guidelines. We’re just hoping the fans of the blockbuster follow that old maxim: ”Hey kids, don’t try this at home.” It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and we don’t want to see any real-life canines, sans safety gear, shaken or stirred. SHERRIE C. WOODBURY
President, Little Angels Pug Rescue


I don’t read EW, but a friend told me there was a recent piece on Animal House that mentioned everybody connected with it but me. I’m hurt. As you may know, since writing Animal House with Doug Kenney and Chris Miller, I’ve cowritten numerous comedies, directed several, and acted in a few as well. You don’t need to publicize my career, but if you happen to mention films that I’ve worked on, please credit me accordingly.
Ocean Pictures
Los Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Harold, we’re hurt that you don’t read EW, but we are sorry we forgot to mention that you cowrote Animal House. You should consider EW a must-read, and now you see why.

CORRECTIONS: A photograph of Marshall Thompson in To Hell and Back was incorrectly identified as Audie Murphy. Billy Bob Thornton had a small role in Indecent Proposal (Video). Forrest Gump‘s opening weekend gross was $4 million higher than Contact‘s (Movies).