The looping plot of David Lynch’s latest head scratcher, Lost Highway, makes no sense, but at least it’s not boring: A saxman (Bill Pullman) is convicted of killing his wife (Patricia Arquette, who does most of her acting with her breasts). While in prison, Pullman transforms into a young mechanic (Balthzar Getty, a crossbreed between Charlie Sheen and Corey Feldman), who starts an affair with gangster Robert Loggia’s moll (also played by Arquette’s breasts). Meanwhile, Robert Blake — hoping for a career renaissance a la Dennis Hopper in Lynch’s Blue Velvet — runs around in white pancake makeup trying to look eerie. Lynch’s dark visuals transfer so murkily to video that the screen often goes black, and you may believe the movie’s over. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. C

Lost Highway
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