The Puppy Channel made headlines this week

Further proof that narrowcasting is out of control: A Cleveland couple is attempting to launch The Puppy Channel, a cable network devoted to ”puppies being puppies” 24 hours a day. ”Have you ever looked at a puppy and not felt better?” asks Dan FitzSimons, who runs the TV-development company Channemals with his wife, Carol. The entrepreneur envisions a sort of anti-When Animals Attack station that will give viewers a place to ”park” while waiting for favorite shows. Although the pair have approached 500 cable operators, so far it’s been all bark but no bite. ”Several of the major systems have expressed an interest, but no one has said, ‘Here’s a check for $25 million,”’ says FitzSimons, noting that the glut of channel wannabes makes securing a spot hard. Still, the couple plan to use their own money to put the channel into 100,000 homes via public access by the end of December. If all goes well, can Kitty TV be far behind?