Roseanne made headlines this week

Fans at the recent Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal got more than just their share of yuks when a tribute to Roseanne turned into a preview of the domestic goddess’ Q&A skills. (Her talk show is set to air in fall ’98.) After listening to videotaped love notes from James Brolin, Cybill Shepherd, and Fran Drescher, the comedian took center stage from emcee Martin Mull and fielded questions from the audience. Highlights: Q: ”Roseanne, who is your inspiration?” A: ”Charles Manson.” Q: ”Seriously.” A: ”That’s my answer. Jesus Christ! Sit down!” Q: ”Tell us about the lean years.” A: ”I’ve never had a lean year, you bitch.” Q: ”How do you want to be remembered?” A: ”As the richest f—ing woman on earth!” Afterward, the hosts presented Roseanne with a bouquet. ”Oh,” snorted the diva, ”here come the f—ing roses.” Who says the art of conversation is dead?