Quotes found online this week from Wendy Crewson, Khandi Alexander, Harrison Ford, and more

”Gary [Oldman] is a very intense actor! And he personally has a dangerous edge. And when you look up at Gary during a scene, you really believe that he hates you and could kill you at the drop of a hat!”
Air Force One‘s WENDY CREWSON on America Online

”I don’t like cellular phones. Is that a pet peeve? I’m against most electronics, period. I don’t know why. I have a computer, but I’m totally against it. I don’t know why. I think I need to go into therapy about it.”
NewsRadio‘s KHANDI ALEXANDER on Prodigy

”[Anne Heche and I] are having a ball [shooting 6 Days/7 Nights]. I don’t have any concerns about people buying a romance between myself and Anne. She was the obvious choice to [director Ivan Reitman] and me. She brings great spark and wit and life to the part. I’ve never discussed any of my coworkers’ personal lives before, and I don’t see any reason to start now.”
Air Force One‘s HARRISON FORD on E! Online

”I feel like Tom Brokaw. He never gets laughs. That guy is really not funny.”
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor NORM MACDONALD on NBC Live at Yahoo! Chat

”It was fun working with [Jennifer Aniston]. It was like working with one of the Beatles. Crowds of people just wait for her, screaming her name: Jennifa, Jennifa!”
— Picture Perfect’s JAY MOHR on Microsoft Network’s This Is Not a Test

”It’s always weird to see yourself on screen or in magazines. It’s almost as if the image I see is another person and not the real me I know. The intrusion on my personal life does sometimes get to me, but I realize that it comes with the job.”
Picture Perfect‘s JENNIFER ANISTON on E! Online