A beautiful young woman is found slain not far from the Oval Office, and maverick homicide detective Wesley Snipes is determined to follow the killer’s trail wherever it may lead — even if it should lead to the First Family itselzzzzzzz. Hurrm? Oh, sorry, nodded off for a moment. What with Absolute Power still on the New Releases shelf (nervous studio execs delayed Muder at 1600‘s arrival in theaters to avoid a showdown with the similar Clint Eastwood flick but now apparently hope to ride its video coattails), White House thrillers are getting to be as commonplace as White House imbroglios. How silly is this movie? So silly that the villain, when finally unmasked (no — don’t gasp!), intones ”I think President Teddy Roosevelt said it best….” Thoroughly routine whenever it isn’t utterly preposterous, this flick is one you’ve seen at least 1600 times before. D+

Murder at 1600
  • Movie
  • 107 minutes