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By EW Staff
Updated August 08, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT


I loved your July 18 cover (#388)! Jodie Foster’s face looks exactly like mine would if I were in Matthew McConaughey’s arms!

I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to see your magazine’s wonderful cover with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey arm in arm. With Contact, Hollywood has finally made an event movie with a plot. Finally, actors are noticed this summer for their ability to carry a story and not just being part of a special-effects marketing ploy. This is one of the greatest things about Foster; she makes movies that are intelligent, and in no way do these movies insult the public’s intelligence.
West Seneca, N.Y.


Thank you so much for recognizing the fact that America has lost one of the most poignant, talented, and truehearted actors ever to grace the silver screen. Jimmy Stewart was a man who anyone could relate to and everyone could adore. I don’t believe that he ever knew just how many lives he affected, how many people loved to hear his voice and laugh at his subtle movements. Everyone knows a Jimmy Stewart… that’s what made him a great actor.
Bangor, Maine


Kudos to Lisa Schwarzbaum on her excellent essay on My Best Friend’s Wedding, ”Wedding Belle Blues.” She seems to be the only film reviewer in the country who can see beyond Julia Roberts’ hair and recognize the blatant ”retro antiwoman” message of Wedding. For a while there, I thought I was the only young woman on earth who was actually offended by this summer sleeper. Thank you, Lisa.
New York City


Normally, I don’t get EW and The Economist confused, but ”Down and Dirty,” by Ty Burr, came close. Burr suggests the solutions to Internet censorship problems may not come from the government but from free markets and parents actually spending time with their children! He even scoffs at Luddite parents too scared to find out what their kids are really up to. Now, if I could just get The Economist to do movie reviews…
Toronto, Canada

CORRECTIONS: The TV movie North and South, Book II was omitted from Jimmy Stewart’s filmography; an on-set photo from Magic Town was misidentified as being from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (”The Richest Man in Hollywood”). Elvis Presley’s 1954 recording of ”I’ll Never Stand in Your Way” was found by a collector four years ago; Presley’s version of ”Baby What You Want Me to Do” on Platinum: A Life in Music was recorded on Aug. 24, 1969 (Music).