Quotes found online this week from Kim Coles, Andy Richter, Carol Alt, and more

”Oh, I do not have any children. I had a goldfish but I threw him out with the water by mistake, so I better not do any parenting anytime soon.” — Living Single‘s KIM COLES on Prodigy

”I don’t watch the show that much when I get home, for the same reason that my stepfather, who was a plumber, never wanted to fix our sink.” — Late Night sidekick ANDY RICHTER on America Online

”I don’t agree with the waif look. I think anorexia is a huge problem with young girls, and I myself am a big eater. Got to watch your fingers when I’m eating.” — Stormtrooper‘s CAROL ALT on AOL

”I tried to go to college, but I guess I didn’t try hard enough.” — Pacific Palisades‘ GREG EVIGAN on AOL

”There is a dark-haired, dark-eyed man with a little lightness in his hair, could be gray, that will enter your life and bring you some joy. So go out and buy a new dress.” — Psychic Friends Network’s LINDA GEORGIAN, in an impromptu reading on AOL