Buzzwords: L.A. Freshspeak

All the ”players” and ”homies” in sprawling El-Lay couldn’t possibly sling enough fresh slang to fill a dictionary, so Anna Scotti and Paul Young, two valiant ambassadors of car-centered coastal culture — contributors to, what else, Buzz magazine — must fall back on way overused terms in Buzzwords: L.A. Freshspeak like trophy wife and clueless just for filler’s sake. The more pressing issue: On whose bedside table might a lexicon of L.A. Freshspeak have a prayer of parking itself? Aspiring hipster? Overeager tourist? Amused, disdainful East Coaster? Whatever (one of many rapidly wilting linguistic snippets herein). Another: yesterday’s news. Sorry, trendoids, but this is — perhaps unavoidably — just that. C+

Buzzwords: L.A. Freshspeak
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