The singer after his 1983 departure from the J. Geils Band

”Basically, they threw me out,” says Peter Wolf of his 1983 departure from the J. Geils Band. ”Creative differences” banished the lone Wolf to a lower-profile stage — from solo albums Lights Out (1984), Come As You Are (1987), and Up to No Good (1990), through duets with Mick Jagger (who appeared on Lights Out) and Aretha Franklin (on her 1985 Who’s Zoomin’ Who?), to last summer’s Long Line. ”There have been mountains and valleys,” he says of his career. ”It goes with the territory.”

Since Long Line, Wolf’s been touring in the Far East, working on a new album for Warner/Reprise, and writing a memoir, tentatively titled Further Tales From the Vinyl Jungle. A dropout from the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts (where he roomed with Blue Velvet director David Lynch), Wolf has also been painting. Now living in Boston — the city where he launched his entertainment career by working as a DJ — Wolf quietly disproves those who think he must’ve got lost.