Sheryl Crow is the latest rocker to be outfitted by the designer

Tommy Hilfiger’s new girl

Already known for dressing rappers such as Snoop Doggy Dogg and Coolio, designer Tommy Hilfiger is about to have some fun with Sheryl Crow as part of a major fine-tuning of his fashion line.

Hilfiger will sponsor Crow’s 30-city tour and outfit the former hippie chick and recent Gucci and Prada devotee. But Crow won’t be sporting those oversize shirts with Tommy’s ubiquitous red, white, and blue logo that Snoop helped make famous. Hilfiger made the move into women’s clothing just last year with the sporty, spunky tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. Joining forces with Crow is an effort both to connect his name to middle-of-the-road stars and to show he can mix sophisticated looks with the highly profitable rap-ready line that’s turned Tommy wear into a $661 million enterprise.

Last year, the designer, who worshiped the Who and Led Zeppelin growing up, created a high-end line of men’s clothes inspired by glam rock. More recently, he’s suited up bands like Garbage and Metallica. So far, Hilfiger’s broadening of his celebrity fan club doesn’t appear to be turning off hip-hop. ”It’s okay for Tommy to be a lot of things to different people,” says rap impresario Russell Simmons.

Hilfiger will put Crow in everything from brocade jackets to slim suede pants and sell versions at his Beverly Hills store. (A Tommy-designed T-shirt benefiting breast-cancer research will be sold on tour.) A similar deal is now in the works with the band Talk Show (an offshoot of Stone Temple Pilots). ”I don’t think you’ll see Prodigy wearing Tommy,” says Gabe Doppelt, creative director of VH1’s fashion awards. ”What he’ll do for Crow will not be what you would traditionally think of as Tommy.”