The who, what, and wear in the fashion industry

This week in style

BOOT STAMP: From dump trucks to Demi Moore — that’s the metamorphosis of Caterpillar, the Illinois manufacturer of heavy machinery. A line of Caterpillar construction boots, the result of a licensing deal with Wolverine (maker of Hush Puppies), are bulldozing Hollywood. ER‘s costumer ordered a batch for the cast after Julianna Margulies showed up wearing a pair, and Moore got boots for herself and her daughters when the costume designer for Bruce Willis’ upcoming Simon showed Moore a Cat-boot catalog. Says product manager Christi Cowdin, ”You shouldn’t climb mountains, but they’re built for tough terrain.” And red carpets.

OUT OF THE CLOSET: Now that platforms and Brooke Shields have returned, can designer jeans be far behind? Once a staple of America’s wardrobes, the deep blue, derriere-hugging denims disappeared in favor of less-suffocating styles. But in May, Sergio Valente announced it will relaunch its line, and Todd Oldham has included disco-inspired denim in his latest collection. Says Carl Bethencourt of Sergio Valente: ”We went through the whole baggy stage. Everything’s gotten a lot sexier.” But L.A. designer Joel Fitzpatrick, who’s done designer-jean homages worn by celebs like Annabella Sciorra, isn’t sure a revival is a good thing. Says Fitzpatrick, ”That was kind of a painful fashion time.”