''In & Out'' made movie news the week of August 1, 1997

The trailer for the new comedy In & Out is unreeling in theaters to enthusiastic response, but it’s also causing some confusion. Set for release on Sept. 19 and inspired by Tom Hanks’ 1994 Oscar acceptance speech in which he outed his high school drama coach, the comedy stars Kevin Kline as the small-town teacher, with Matt Dillon as the now-famous student. The trailer, however, makes In & Out look like a mistaken-identity farce, in which Kline’s apparently straight character is falsely outed, and tries to remedy the situation by acting more macho. (A voice-over obliquely describes him as ”a man who was pronounced out before the jury was in.”) Paramount will offer only a ”no comment,” but the filmmakers freely admit that Kline’s character is gay.

In & Out
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