Star Maps

What if the young Mexican men on Sunset Boulevard who hawk street guides to the homes of movie stars were really prostitutes? That’s the intriguing fictional premise of an ambitious debut feature, Star Maps, (it made some noise at Sundance this year) from writer-director Miguel Arteta, who gets many points for originality — but debits, unfortunately, for a shaky production marred by weak performers churning up scenes of purplish histrionics. Newcomer Douglas Spain stars as Carlos, a handsome teenager yearning for stardom himself but stuck in the employ of his tyrannical father (Efrain Figueroa), a violent bully who pimps his son and terrorizes his entire family. Kandeyce Jorden plays a stereotype of a spoiled Falcon Crest-type TV star who fancies Carlos’ hot-muchacho glowers and has the power to give him a career break. With ”Chicano alternative” musician Lysa Flores as the one member of the miserable familia with any sense of reality. C+

Star Maps
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