Operation Condor

Surfing on the increased American popularity of ebullient, comedy-loving martial-arts star Jackie Chan (the nimble hero of Rumble in the Bronx and Supercop), this spruced-up rerelease of a 1991 caper (directed by his energetic self with great elan) stars Chan as a secret agent on a U.N. mission to recover gold, buried by Nazis in the Sahara, before some awful international terrorists/cartoonishly stereotyped Arabs grab it. And for fizz (and international sex appeal), he’s joined in Operation Condor by a trio of babes who squabble, chirp, help out with the derring-do, and provide plenty of opportunities for Chan’s benign, boyish style of flirting and ogling. The dubbing is typically dizzy (with Chan supplying his own inimitable English), and the action sequences are delightfully inventive — including an extended farcical chase in a Moroccan hotel and a climactic lulu in a wind tunnel. B+

Operation Condor
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