The movie was a hit, but brides are hardly inspired by the film's dress choices

”My Best Friend’s Wedding” style

It may be a summer smash, but My Best Friend’s Wedding is not catching the bouquet among brides-to-be. Turns out that Julia Roberts’ lavender bridesmaid dress hasn’t been making a Carolyn Bessette Kennedy-type splash in the bridal-wear industry. ”I thought it was really stunning,” says Millie Bratten, editor in chief of Bride’s magazine. Yet hardly anyone’s showing up at wedding emporiums clamoring for look-alikes of the lovely halter-topped gown. ”It only looks great on a tall girl,” says Dallas bridal designer Achariya Watters. And what about Cameron Diaz’s wedding gown? ”Oh, yuck,” says Watters. ”It was the worst of the worst anyone could buy. For someone who has that much money from a Chicago family, I can’t believe she’d have that.” Next time, perhaps she should elope.

My Best Friend's Wedding
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