Christopher Reeve made headlines this week

Charitable clothing concept or tastelessly opportunistic threads? Christopher Reeve has lent his name to a line of polo shirts and sweatshirts, sold — for now — only in equestrian specialty stores. The shirts’ embroidered crest, which the actor approved but didn’t design, pictures a horse leaping over a fence — the same sort of jump that left Reeve paralyzed in 1995. Part of the profits go to Reeve’s foundation, which raises funds for spinal-cord research, but even so, doesn’t a jumping horse with his initials emblazoned underneath seem a tad creepy in light of the accident? ”Some people are going to think it’s tasteless,” says Joel Faden, Reeve’s business manager and treasurer of his foundation. ”But this is a fact of life: Chris was injured jumping. It’s not something he’s shying away from. He still has a great interest in equestrian events, and he thought this would help the foundation. It’s a positive thing.”