Quotes found online this week from Peta Wilson, Johnnie Cochran, Daisy Fuentes, and more

”[When] I flew into L.A., I was mortified. It looked like a big cemetery. I was very unprepared for…L.A. The crime — I’m not used to those kinds of predators. I’m used to snakes and crocodiles [in Australia]. But I like New York.” — La Femme Nikita‘s PETA WILSON on America Online

”Let me say this: There probably was some good-natured flirting [with lead prosecutor Marcia Clark] at the beginning of the trial, but it soon came to an abrupt halt. One, O.J. didn’t like me doing it, and my wife didn’t like me doing it. So I stopped immediately.” — Simpson defense attorney JOHNNIE COCHRAN on AOL

”I think it takes a lot of money to look really cheap. So [style] is not [about] money. I think maybe you need a good sense of self and a little pizzazz.” — MTV House of Style‘s DAISY FUENTES on E! Online

”My fan club is [made up of] two people. They are going to be home in about 10 minutes, and one of them is going to have a dirty diaper.” — Melrose Place‘s ANDREW SHUE on AOL

”I have five brothers and sisters who are not in show business. They’re in the show-off business; they show off all the stuff we buy them!” — The Wayans Bros.’ SHAWN WAYANS on Prodigy

”I have this incredibly passionate feeling about what I do that can make me annoying, and I recognize it. Sometimes I’ll talk about a movie that I’ve seen and then I’ll start seeing foam coming out of my mouth. I go, ‘And then they did this and they did that!’ People ask me if I could just lighten up a little bit…. Sure. Just give me a hot dog and tell me to shut up.” — Contact‘s JODIE FOSTER on E! Online

”The most difficult actress I ever worked with was my sister Penny [Marshall, on TV’s Laverne & Shirley, among other projects]. She’d call my mother and say, ‘He’s yelling at me again.”’ — Director GARRY MARSHALL (Pretty Woman) on AOL