Vanessa L. Williams and Vivica A. Fox made headlines this week

If you’ve seen the trailer for Soul Food, the African-American family drama due Oct. 3, you’ll notice that actresses Vanessa L. Williams (Eraser) and Vivica A. Fox (Independence Day) are now using their middle initials. In Williams’ case, the other Vanessa Williams (Chicago Hope), who registered with the Screen Actors Guild before the former Miss America, recently asked that the union impose the distinction. ”It was creating some difficulties for her, and it’s her right to ask that this be enforced,” says Vanessa Lynne Williams’ publicist. (SAG’s original Williams would not comment.) As for Fox, she has used her middle initial intermittently since her 1989 stint on the TV soap Generations. ”Some people think it means ‘Vivica’s a fox,”’ says Fox’s spokesperson, ”but it really stands for Angnetta.”