Are ''Conspiracy Theory'' and his ''Conspiracy'' magazine ads related?

Q Just exactly what are those Mel Gibson magazine ads that scream ”Conspiracy”? Do they have anything to do with Gibson’s upcoming thriller, Conspiracy Theory?

A ”Good deeds” and ”no” are the answers, respectively. The highly visible spots are public service announcements designed to alert people that the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit environmental law firm, has changed its name to the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund. Gibson agreed to be the group’s high-profile pitchman because, according to the actor’s spokesman, Alan Nierob, ”he’s been very involved with environmental issues for years.” As for the Conspiracy angle, that was Earthjustice’s savvy ploy to bring more attention to the campaign. ”It helps us,” says spokesman Kevin Kirchner, ”and it helps him as well.” Warner Bros. has no comment about the unconventional synergy, but as far as Gibson is concerned, says Nierob, ”hell, we love that. It’s wonderful.”