Quotes found online this week from John Woo, Will Smith, and Sarah MacLachlan

By EW Staff
Updated July 18, 1997 at 04:00 AM EDT

”My future plans? Stay in America. I want to make a musical. There are so many talented musicians and dancers.” — Face/Off director JOHN WOO on Entertainment Tonight Online at et.msn.com

”How the hell would I know [what a male singer should do to succeed]? I’m a woman. No, really, I think the advice that I would give to any musician regardless of sex would be to trust yourself and be true to yourself.” — Singer-songwriter SARAH McLACHLAN on America Online

”Having come through the music industry first was so helpful. There’s no more cutthroat business…. When I had a hit album, everything at the record company was great and wonderful. When one flopped, they wouldn’t even take my phone calls…. You learn not to allow your successes to go to your head and not to allow your failures to go to your heart. I was prepared for all that by the time I made it into television and, now, into films.” — Men in Black‘s WILL SMITH on E! Online