Out to Sea

In Out to Sea, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon play Those Darn Geezers again — old men talking raunchy being, apparently, an inexhaustible fount of amusement. But under the interestingly relaxed, oxygenating direction of Martha Coolidge (Rambling Rose), this Metamucil-set comedy, from a debut script by Robert Nelson Jacobs, has a particular throwaway charm. This time, the old coots play brothers-in-law and fellow dance hosts on a Love Boat-like cruise ship: Lemmon, a widower, is dragged along by Matthau, a wily bachelor who wants to pick up a rich dame to cover his gambling debts. A lively supporting cast including Dyan Cannon, Gloria DeHaven, and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s de-Data’d Brent Spiner (happily emoting as an oily cruise director) provide the codgers with grist for shtick. Lemmon turns out to be a deft dancer; Matthau stumbles and kvetches convincingly. And any moment when the great Elaine Stritch is on the screen is inspiration enough to take your multivitamins. Watch for her knowingly frisky little dance duet with Donald O’Connor. And stick around through the closing credits; there’s more fun on deck. B+

Out to Sea
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