There are two kinds of movie junkies: the geeks, who have to see every film ever made (I count myself, naturally), and the less obsessed, who are just dipping their toes in the currents of film history. Those in the first group crave endless factoids to feed their addiction; those in the latter want more informed recommendations than what’s offered by the stoned teenage clerk at the video store.

Both E! Online’s new Moviefinder site ( and the online video store Reel ( use rudimentary AI technology to suggest movies based on your ratings of those you’ve seen. Moviefinder digs deeper than Reel, whose recommendations included not-so-big surprises like Citizen Kane and Chinatown. After filling out an obnoxiously nosy questionnaire — no, I won’t reveal my income — I was asked to grade titles as diverse as Pink Flamingos and A Little Princess; the resulting suggestions ran from The Piano to that Tatum O’Neal-Kristy McNichol ”classic,” Little Darlings. B