Hints about the film's plot, including the movie within the movie and Jada Pinkett's death scene

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”With my luck,” Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney, cracks about who’d play her in the movie, ”I’d guess Tori Spelling.” Leave it to those irony-drenched Scream makers: She will play Sidney in Scream 2.

Not to say Campbell isn’t back too. Confused? The sequel begins two years after the suburban carnage-fest of Part 1, when Sidney heads off to college, where she’s promptly stalked anew. Meanwhile, TV reporter Gale Weathers (Cox) has cashed in on her bloody ordeal with a sensationalized book, Stab, which has become a movie starring — Tah-dah! — Spelling as Sidney. So the first Scream becomes a movie within the new movie, giving director Craven and writer Williamson fodder for more tongue-in-cheek, self-referencing horror high jinks.

As a topper, it’s rumored that Scream 2’s new kid on the block, Pinkett, gets iced in the opening sequence, a la Barrymore, and that these celeb-killing kickoffs will be a franchise trademark, not unlike James Bond’s pre-credit action blowouts.

What’s in store for Scream 3? Craven and Williamson won’t say, but the screenwriter does note: ”When I sold the first one, I had already mapped out a second and third Scream. I always envisioned it as the Star Wars trilogy of horror.” May the gore be with you?

Scream 2

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