Hints about the film's plot, including the movie within the movie and Jada Pinkett's death scene

”With my luck,” Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney, cracks about who’d play her in the movie, ”I’d guess Tori Spelling.” Leave it to those irony-drenched Scream makers: She will play Sidney in Scream 2.

Not to say Campbell isn’t back too. Confused? The sequel begins two years after the suburban carnage-fest of Part 1, when Sidney heads off to college, where she’s promptly stalked anew. Meanwhile, TV reporter Gale Weathers (Cox) has cashed in on her bloody ordeal with a sensationalized book, Stab, which has become a movie starring — Tah-dah! — Spelling as Sidney. So the first Scream becomes a movie within the new movie, giving director Craven and writer Williamson fodder for more tongue-in-cheek, self-referencing horror high jinks.

As a topper, it’s rumored that Scream 2’s new kid on the block, Pinkett, gets iced in the opening sequence, a la Barrymore, and that these celeb-killing kickoffs will be a franchise trademark, not unlike James Bond’s pre-credit action blowouts.

What’s in store for Scream 3? Craven and Williamson won’t say, but the screenwriter does note: ”When I sold the first one, I had already mapped out a second and third Scream. I always envisioned it as the Star Wars trilogy of horror.” May the gore be with you?

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