LL Cool J, Thomas Blood, and Charlotte Brown made headlines this week

”YO! YO!” EFFECT Rapper and TV actor LL Cool J will publish two separate editions of his autobiography, I Make My Own Rules, this September, according to St. Martin’s editor Greg Cohn. While the artist wanted to ”come clean about his past,” says Cohn, ”he realized that some material might be considered objectionable or too explicit.” The iffy subject matter — Cohn declined to elaborate will be herded into a chapter called ”Excess XXX” — which will be XXXcised from an ”all-audiences” version of the book. The uncensored version will, like so many rap albums, carry a parental-advisory label.

LAST LAUGH The oldest independent comic book company has just been rescued from the clutches of its creditors. Kitchen Sink Press — which publishes The Crow and Black Hole series and also puts out Devil Girl Choco-Bars, the candy bar illustrated by Zap Comix legend R. Crumb — laid off most of its staff earlier this year following a major downturn in the comics industry (that even saw superpower Marvel Comics file for bankruptcy). Now the 28-year-old house is close to a deal with a ”syndicate of investors” that will allow publishing to resume, says president and founder Denis Kitchen. ”Comics and cartoonists will remain at the core,” he predicts of the reorganization, ”but it will be more of a company that produces cool stuff.” Hey, we think comics are pretty cool stuff.

THERE’S A PLACE FOR HER Biographers, first and foremost, are people who need people. And apparently the person that Madeleine Albright chronicler Thomas Blood most needs to talk to is Barbra Streisand. Blood, whose book, Madam Secretary, is scheduled from St. Martin’s in October, says that many of his interviewees, including former VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro, have been quick to stress the importance of Albright’s friendship with the pop diva. ”She’s said to be sharp on the issues, far more than people realize,” reports Blood. So far, though ”close mutual friends” have relayed Streisand’s interest in chatting with Blood, an interview has not been scheduled.

PAPERVIEW Anchor Books has picked up paperback rights to Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air for $1.7 million and Anne Lamott’s Crooked Little Heart for $203,000… Warner Books has done the same for Brad Meltzer’s The Tenth Justice ($1.1 million) and Pete Hamill’s Snow in August ($358,000).

SISTER SLUDGE Charlotte Brown — sister of Clinton accuser Paula Jones — has publicly commented that she believes her younger sibling intends to profit from the scandal. Now it seems Brown herself wants to cash in. She’ll be offering a purported inside view of Jones’ sexual-harassment charges in a top-secret book proposal that’s speedng its way to publishers this week. Brown, who recently had a ”falling out” with Jones, will tell ”what, specifically, is behind Paula’s pursuing the President as she is,” says agent Frank Weimann.