The Simpsons made headlines this week

Forget O.J.’s Brentwood palace. This fall, TV fans will have a chance to shack up in an even more famous Simpson abode: the House of Homer. In a promo Martha Stewart would never approve of, Fox and Pepsi are sponsoring a contest to give away a 2,200-square-foot replica of the Simpsons house during the sitcom’s season debut. ”It’s definitely an odd contest,” admits exec producer Mike Scully. ”But it’s better than winning Mister Ed’s barn.” The house — which took Kaufman and Broad Home Corp. two months and $150,000 to build inside its planned community near Las Vegas (it’s being called Springfield) — is painstakingly re-created, right down to mouse holes, corn-cob drapes, and family portraits. ”Plus, every time you run into the couch,” says Scully, ”something really funny happens.” The only bad news: The fridge isn’t stocked with Duff beer.