Barbie made headlines this week

Wow, we girls really can do anything. Even be boys. Barbie maker Mattel is taking the not-so-living doll’s motto to heart: To celebrate the Fourth of July, the statuesque plaything is getting a presidential makeover and becoming the father of our country, George Washington. It marks the first time the 11 1/2-inch gal has been incarnated as a guy. ”Barbie is an American icon and George Washington is an American icon, so why not blend the two?” says Mattel spokeswoman Lisa McKendall, adding that there was never any concern about the gender-bending aspect of the collectible ($75, exclusively at F.A.O. Schwarz). ”We just thought we were honoring George Washington and people would take it as such.” And where does this leave Ken? Says McKendall, ”Ken has always played second fiddle.”