Quotes from Courtney Love, Alec Baldwin, Fran Drescher, and more on what gets them down

”Self-criticism, criticism of other people, any kind of self-consciousness whatsoever.” — COURTNEY LOVE

”A wonderful environment, a beautiful view. I have to be in prison to write.” — LINDA BLOODWORTH-THOMASON

”Cash. Greed. Money. Being beholden to somebody because they pay you a lot of money could take away from the creative process.” — LINDA FIORENTINO

”Ego, jealousy, any of the seven deadly sins. Too much success. Look at Elvis. He had his creativity killed because whatever he did, people bought, so it didn’t really matter if he was good.” — BILL MAHER

”A lack of hope.” — KEVIN SORBO

”Political correctness. It drives me nuts. I try to be an equal opportunity offender.” — TRACEY ULLMAN

”Worrying and being too self-conscious about what other people might think.” — LAURA DERN


”Comfort, censorship, fear, formulas, and apathy for life.” — SALMA HAYEK

”Not being able to EXPRESS MYSELF the way I want to.” — FRAN DRESCHER

”Ego and too big a budget.” — ROBERT PASTORELLI

”Maturity, because you lose your sense of wonder and start to feel like what was once passionate to you is not a part of your life anymore.” — CAMERON CROWE

”The commercialism and the pettiness of Hollywood.” — ROSIE PEREZ

”Negative people. I can get inspired by someone who’s positive, in a good mood, and has great energy.” — DAISY FUENTES


”Fear, lack of joy. When you stop being fluid, you stop flowing.” — CHRISTINE BARANSKI

”When people place limitations on art. It’s like Andy Warhol painting cans of Campbell’s soup. Is that art? I don’t know, but we should be able to investigate.” — VING RHAMES

”We all have to take our own responsibility when it comes to being creative. We have to find ways of protecting the special place inside that enables us to create. If anything were to kill my creativity, it would be my fault, not other people’s.” — NICOLAS CAGE

”The inability to move forward, whether it’s from exterior or interior forces. It’s a moment of despair.” — DIRECTOR PHILIP HAAS (Angels & Insects)

”Rigidity can kill it. Repetition can kill it. [And not] expanding your field of reference. If you always draw from the same source, you’ll go dry.” — JOHN TURTURRO


”Lack of honesty. You’ve got to have people who come up to you and say, ‘What you’re doing is so terrible I’m embarrassed to be in the presence of it.’ You must be surrounded by blatant, no-holds-barred honesty. Otherwise, you’re living in a fool’s paradise.” — TOM HANKS

”The telephone ringing.” — SHERYL CROW


”Self-consciousness. I’ve got to be free to do what comes out of me.” — Alec Baldwin