''My Best Friend's Wedding'' made movie news the week of June 27, 1997

Television viewers who watched Ellen‘s coming-out episode saw a commercial for My Best Friend’s Wedding that seemed especially hip. In the spot, a bridesmaid says to Julia Roberts, ”We thought you were a lesbian.” However, the chuckle-worthy line is missing from the final cut of the movie now unreeling in theaters. Why? Director P.J. Hogan says preview audiences’ laughter kept drowning out the line, which took place in a scene in which costar Rupert Everett leads a restaurant in song. Hogan considered leaving it in ”just for truth in advertising [so] we shuffled it around constantly, but no matter where we put it, you could never hear it. By the time the audience stopped laughing, they just heard the word lesbian. And they were going ‘What? What happened? Who’s a lesbian?”’

My Best Friend's Wedding
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